Catering for private jets

Haute Cuisine at 30,000 feet

It used to be the case that a tray of sandwiches was the best that catering on a private jet could offer. It stands to reason, however, that those who can afford to charter or even own a private jet will be willing to pay for a better quality of catering on board. For those who enjoy the sheer luxury and extravagance of a private jet, enjoying restaurant standard food should be part and parcel of the whole private jet experience. Increasingly, gourmet catering companies are picking up on this gap in the market and are now promising to deliver a fine dining experience when you charter a flight.

Despite the obvious limitations of space and facilities on board a private jet, these VIP services are managing to create personalised menus to please even the most discerning palates mid-flight. Some companies are taking the concept even further, really targeting the wealthiest private jet users who want the most luxurious in-flight experience possible. Their secret is the recruitment of a number of celebrity chefs and the cooperation of top restaurants.

Customers are able to order a specific chef to design and create a menu exclusively for them. Or if you want a particular dish from your favorite restaurant, chances are you’ll be able to get it on board your private jet. Fancy the best fillet steak cooked to perfection from your favourite eatery? Not a problem. Lobster thermidor prepared by a Michelin starred chef? You got it.

But why would a celebrity chef, already successful in their own right, bother with producing in-flight meals? The answer, of course, is money and reputation. Chefs can charge thousands of dollars for designing an exclusive menu. The price depends on the reputation of the chef and the food that is ordered but the likelihood is that somebody using this service will be willing to pay for an impressive dining experience. From a chef’s point of view, keeping important and wealthy customers happy isn’t a bad thing and providing the catering for private jets can lead to invaluable exposure amongst the rich and famous.