• Can anyone request a flight?


  • How long will it take to receive a quote?

    We can provide you with a price the day you enquire, depending on how complex the flight is.

  • When should I pay?

    Payment is taken after the price is agreed.

  • Will you ever increase your commission without telling me?

    Never. Our commission rate is always 5%, and we also offer transparent pricing. We can show all the billing for the flight if required.

  • If I cancel the flight can I receive a refund?

    Yes, but our cancellation policy does apply.

  • Will I have a direct contact with an account manager?

    An account manager will always be on standby until you arrive safely at your destination.

  • Can I request any kind of catering?

    Yes you can. We always strive to provide our passengers with anything they are looking for.

  • How long before my intended departure time do I need to request a flight?

    We can dispatch a flight within 4 to 6 hours of your request.

  • Can you provide ground transportation?

    Yes we can.

  • Can you provide helicopter charters?

    Yes we can.

  • Do you provide air cargo charters?

    Yes we do.

  • Is my personal information and my flight information private and confidential?

    Yes it is. We only disclose it as per law and regulations.

  • Do you provide a substituted aircraft if the aircraft was unable to depart for any reason?

    Yes we do.

  • Can I request a specific aircraft?

    Yes you can.

  • Can you offer a tailor-made travel package with a private jet?

    Yes we can.