Private Jet Charter Rates

Private Jet Charter Rates

Having a private jet at your disposal is convenient, but is also a lot more cost effective than you may think. Chartering your own plane gives you the flexibility to leave when you like, air traffic permitting, and work or relax in comfort while you speed to your destination. The cost of chartering a private jet varies according to the type of aircraft, but the industry standard is to charge per flying hour.

Short Haul Rates

The general rule is that the larger the plane, the longer it can fly without needing refuelling. For example, a small Cessna plane can be chartered for around £3,600 per hour and has a range of 2,300 miles, allowing you to make a round trip to almost anywhere in Europe, but not enough to cross the Atlantic. When you consider that a Business Class return with a scheduled airline to Madrid is around £600, the economics of chartering a jet for a small group makes huge sense. In terms of total cost, chartering a jet to take 6 passengers from London to Malaga will cost around £13,500.

Long Haul Journeys

For journeys of longer distances such as London to New York or the Middle East, a larger aircraft will be required. Aircraft such as the Gulfstream 550 can take up to 19 passengers and have a range of 4,600 miles, more than enough to get you in luxury to most locations on the US Eastern seaboard. Typical rates for chartering this sort of Gulfstream are £8,500 per hour, or £6,400 per hour for a slightly smaller Gulfstream model which still has a long enough range to reach New York.


The same rules apply to the flying time for private pilots and cabin crew as they do to commercial crew, so when chartering your aircraft it is essential to ensure that this is factored into the cost. If a stopover is required the customer will be required to pay for accommodation for the crew. When chartering a private jet it is therefore better to consider the overall price for the journey rather than simply looking at the hourly rate.