How to charter a private jet

How to charter a private jet – It is easier than you think

There is nothing quite like the luxury and privacy of your own air travel, which is why many business and personal travellers decide to charter a private jet. Yet many people still stick to business or first class on their chosen airline, simply as they’re unsure how easy it is to charter that private jet. Our quick guide will break down everything you need to know, so the next time you travel, it will be in style.

The Basics

The first step is working out the details of your flight. Will it be a one way trip? Perhaps a multi-leg trip, to visit various destinations? You will need to know the airport you want to leave from, as well where you want to arrive. There’s no need to worry about memorising airport codes, just the name of the airport itself will do nicely! Finally, make a note of the date you want to travel, number of passengers and the amount of baggage you’ll be taking with you. This process is just the same as you would do, when booking a plane with your chosen airline.

The Details

Next, it’s important to have a few more flight preferences to hand, before chartering your private jet. The date of your trip may be fixed, provisional or likely to change, so it is important to let us know these details too. Also, what is the purpose of this trip? Will it be business or personal travel? Perhaps you wish to entertain clients and want to give them VIP treatment? Is there a particular type of catering you wish to have on-board? The more we know about your flight, the better we can cater the package to your needs.

Ask for a quote

Now you have all of the details together, it’s time to get a quote. Simply use the Flight Request form on our website, fill in those details (along with your personal information), and submit for a quote. In most cases we provide a quote the very same day, unless the flight details are particularly complex. Once the price is agreed, the payment is made and you can begin preparing for your trip!

There we have it, 3 simple steps to chartering your very own private jet; we told you it was easy.