Renting a private jet

Live the dream and rent your own private jet

Simon Cowell, David Beckham, Beyonce Knowles. They’ve all been known to hop aboard a private jet and fly off at their will – and you too could enjoy the very same luxury. Renting a private jet is a choice only the privileged can make. If you’re in that enviable position, why not join the elite jet set like the world famous celebrities mentioned above, and take to the airways by renting your own private jet? If you’re looking to live the dream, there’s no better way to do it.

Special Occasion

Perhaps you’re planning on proposing to your girlfriend and want to do it up in the air. However, asking ‘will you marry me?’ on a Boeing 737 crammed full of businessmen talking into their Blackberries, and holidaymakers celebrating their week off, isn’t the most romantic of scenarios. A private jet, however, is. When you rent a private jet you can wave goodbye to all the associated ennui of travelling on a public aircraft. If you choose to rent your own private jet, you’ll be king or queen of the airways. It’s a great way to make an occasion extra special and one that’s bound to be remembered for a long time to come. What’s more, your special occasion starts once you step aboard your private jet – not once you step off it.

No excessive waiting times

Travelling by plane can often involve long waiting times – not when you hire a private jet though. When you fly privately, it’s possible to arrive just 15 minutes before you actually speed off the runway and up into the air. Anyone who’s ever endured a delay at the airport or the lengthy check-in procedure will know how great a short 15-minute wait is. No aimless wandering around airport shops, no dull magazines to make the time pass in the departures lounge – just a few short minutes and you’ll be on your way.

Business trips

If you’re travelling for business with a group of colleagues and you’d ordinarily fly business class with a major airline, think again. Hiring a private jet could actually prove more cost effective! It all depends on the number of people flying, where you’re flying to, and what size of private jet you’re looking to use. It’s always worth checking if it’s an option though – not just for the associated benefits of flying privately but also for the experience.

So make like Beyonce, Simon Cowell and David Beckham and enjoy the life of the celebrity up in a private jet. It goes without saying, once you’ve lived the dream, you’ll never want to fly any other way.